We can all learn how to read our own Akashic Records, We just need to develop a our special sensitivity towards our soul’s information and learn how to channel ir in a useful way in our daily life.

Humanity has held the key to the access to the Akashic Records since the beginnings of History.

In past times the access to the Akashic Plane was restricted to a few people that were usually psychics or belonged to religious institutions.
Today, because Time is being accelerated and we’re entering a new Age that sets a much more subte vibration on Earth, we’re enjoying the privilege of being able to enter our own Akashic Records ang highly develop our suprasensible skills of perception.

This is very important tool to understand our deep soul purpose and coincides with a great challenge that humanity is facing: recovering it’s Autonomy and Co-Creative rol.

When we contact directly our own Records, we reconnect with our creative power. We are able to download information that will help us understand where we stand (individually and collectively) in the Time and Space we’re inhabiting and choose the path that our soul aims for.

This practice develops the compassionate way to understand the Times we’re living.

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