September to Remeber…

September 25, 2016


He says goodbye, September.
Like a lady that’s had a few to many drinks and does not want to leave through the front door, but she leaves with all certainty that she stroked deep and as she wished, that she came in without permission and left in the same way… asking no one.

Is it clear now, perhaps, that we bear control over nothing?

Or better yet … that we do not need it?

When I approach the greatest simplicity, the effort I make to organize it is just as great… and even more if I try to make sense of it.

Going back from this September is impossible, concealing it, becomes difficult.

-September To Remember, please –

This ninth month puts us in an interesting dance position, it allows us to be up and down (or inside) at the same time … We know how generous this movement can be … for the actors in the film, I mean.

And maybe, with a bit of luck, it gave us the chance to look into the film from outside the script, as spectators seated in the VIP section.

9 (ninth month) sees everything from above, it is the camera or the zenithal light, the flying eagle who has “the big picture”. It sees all possibilities and knows that if those are all the existing possibilities within the Energy, other things must exist besides this lady with long legs.

6 (because Virgo represents the Sixth House in the Horoscope) gives us a magnifying glass view of the system from within, it let us see the pattern from up close (it is the same thing that 9 does, but backwards), perhaps a last chance to see it, but now, being aware of our old glasses, about to break because of 9’s sharp frequency, which strikes like lightning… If there is no 9 to go along with 6 (or vice versa),

if we can not zoom out, aside from the zooming in … magnifying glasses can become tiring … this coming from a Virgo ascendant girl.

The movement of consciousness that the zodiac’s sixth sign does, tells us about how the individual (who has been born as an independent part of the Clan in the sign of Leo) recognizes himself as a tiny part of a vast system, so vast indeed, that even sizing that little great ignorance, that obviousness that was always there, is embarrassing… he then turns in search of being Inicitated.

Because he still thinks that there is something on the outside that will bring more order, more meaning, more security to his system (hence Virgo’s obsession with purification and “health”). He searches for a teacher because he still dreads looking inside and understanding that he has no control, neither inside nor outside, over the fractal that he represents, that we represent …

Virgo can easily fall into the illusion of service to “improve” society. Because he keeps a little secret that, sometimes, he’s very guilty to feel… He knows that the Individualizing Forces of the Day and the Unifying Forces of the Night are coming to a Total Balance in the Equinox, when the First Point of Libra rises, however, there’s still fear at night… that it will grow towards the autumn here in the North, and that it will decrease towards spring in the South.

There’s still fear of merging with the other and, secretly, Virgo seeks to return to its safe and comfortable village (to Cancer, the 4th house) and become common again … He even desires what comes next to the clan … Leo’s egotistic innocence (5), believing the world is for and from him.

But, I repeat, there is no coming back from September … what’s been seen cannot be unseen.

We’re already on the train, that is a fact, there’s nothing left to do but to enjoy the scenery and lighten up.

The old rocks have already told us everything they had to tell us, we have exhausted every reason for war, to boredom … just so that we wouldn’t, even for a second, stop repeating our personal history, the importance of capturing the past moment because, for some strange myth that we believe, it will unveil the key to decipher this great universe that we think we don’t understand … another myth.

September finished undressing us without permission but with an imperceptible ability … Admirable work … It left me speechless and with nothing left to do but to loosen EVERYTHING:

I wonder if it makes any sense to be writing this, its hard for me to study, to reply to mails, it’s hard for me to give priority to anything else other than observing what happens in the present moment … the rest is too much.

I found a parameter: What gives me pleasure, I do that.

Why not?

Millions of things happened, all the people I know had at least one totally unexpected thing happen to them in September … accidents, trips, sudden infatuations, new friends that came out of nowhere, great bites… of reality…

I got to be at a Spirituality and Health round table in a Therapists Summit. It was a very interesting experience … The question that we had to answer rose another great question in me.

The issue triggered in me a synthesis of everything I had experienced during the month:

How to bridge the gap between Consciousness and Daily Existence?

And the questions that came to me were:

At what point did we start to believe that there is such a gap?…

Was it when we forget that we came to observe that very daily existence?

Doesn’t EVERYTHING get permeated, in its finer strands, by consciousness?

When did we fall for the remake of the remake of the remake because we were to afraid to leave the theater?

Was it ever really necessary, in order to survive, to pledge allegiance to an old piece of furniture, to a nation-state, to a family or to a belief?

To a velvet suit that we might have left lying around in a past life?

When I interpret that the hardness of the temple’s rock is what gives me pleasure and displeasure, my priority will be to preserve it and to repetitively worship it.

Sometimes, in order to understand the limits, we must fully believe or create them.

What consumes me in the pattern of being in the Energy’s great limitations is believing that that’s all there is…

Why does the Void astonish us, gives a profound and sinister terror?

Do we not experience it at every moment, when we move, when we walk?… We prefer to exhaust our potential in a circuit repetition.

We go into Libra (7 and 10 at the same time), where aesthetics is the most important. That assessment, which is no longer between good and evil, but rather between light and heavy … the Perfect Balance or rather, the search for it (not the certainty of its existence), is what generates the movement: the film only works when still photos move, that creates the illusion, even if the screen has always been there and has always been the same, call it Consciousness, Daily Existence or whatever you please to call it, for the name it self bears no different value.

It is the desperate need for a movie, for a soap opera, a constant addiction to a colored screen with characters and noise.

Silence is a blank screen that never went anywhere.

For some, it is God, a Loved One, for others it is Space… We know nothing more than a promise that we will find some relevant information there.

Are we still “looking” for information!?

The other day, a girl told me at a concert: “I came to check out the data, I checked it and now I’m gone.”

A most reveling comment.

We continue to seek the “fundamental data” that will change this reality, that we so desperately try to avoid or deny because it should, in our humble opinion, be another one… because this one is sick, unjust, intolerant or too healthy, too chic, quite a mess… in a nutshell, whatever mask better fits with our Accounting Adjustment with Reality.

Do you know what’s worst? (Forgive the incoherence of language)

That not even that is wrong!

Not even our stupidity is worthless!

Why to live then, if there is no committee of detectives who spend their lives watching our actions to tell on us before the Karmic Court?
If we’re no more important than a small mathematical fraction, as strange as our neighbors’ insignificantly curious habits?

What if the only thing we take with us is what we’ve denied in the present moment? What if not even that has value?

And if maintaining life, no longer anguishes us, because we’re aware of being sponsored by it?

Supported by life, like floating
over the crisp blue of the Caribbean Sea?

An on top of it, we don’t even yearn the desire to crave anything else?

What contract, what life insurance can they make us sign?

What will they want to sell us after the Absolute Freedom of not being responsible for anything and creating no responsibility? …

If responsibility is already what we bring to Earth.

This is the Effortlessly Time

Being is a decision, peculiar to life.

Now, as Virgina Woolf reminds us in her own way on her farewell letter, let us not believe that life is all there is:

“To look life in the face, always, to look life in the face, and to know it for what it is … at last, to love it for what it is, and then a, to put it away …”
See? This is the way 6 and 9 leave you, crazy… it indoctrinates you with experience.

Let’s warmly hug 9 goodbye...

We must not let him leave unnoticed, what he taught each and
everyone of us,
apparently separated, has no name
and clearly…

it is invaluable.