Consultants say…

“The reading of akashic records I received was a very important bridge to reunite with a hidden and repressed truth, which I couldn’t have understood in any other way. I asked some things which questioned and worried my spirit and with great clarity, though not indulgence, the ways and paths I intuited, expressed themselves though their voices. While I was asking and receiving answers there’s was an encounter with something I could understand and see as superior to myself, and yet was guiding me and confirming my ways. It was truly valuable and comforting to hear the messages about my successes and slipups one must undergo, from an ancient but neighboring wisdom: that which is imbued in the center of every soul, and that we don’t know how to reach…I recommend this to all those who need to approach the strength and wisdom of their fates, in the deepest sense of this word.”

Mónica Pratz

My experience with the Akasich Records was something subliminal. So many questions, uncertainties, feelings and thoughts I couldn’t explain and didn’t know how to understand, and which surrounded me from an early age, causing much disconnection.
Without going into personal detail, I just want to thank from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to receive a key that opened and gave me access to parts of my life that were ‘forgotten’ and which, by being brought to Light, gave my life a new direction.
Today I find myself living inside and existence which clothes me and makes sense internally and externally.
I feel in coherence, harmony and plenitude with my Being and my manifestation in matter.
Thank you so much because today I don’t stop smiling, not even for one moment!

Alexandra Tischendorf

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