The only way to find the answers we constantly look for is to ask our own Selves.

As human beings, we are able to find in our Akashic Records all the information we want, the only thing we need is knowing how and want to listen.
Our soul draws possible paths before incarnating in our bodies. It creates possible scenarios, characters and facts, taking into account the tools it already acquired in past experiences and the new learning process it wants to undertake.

When we are born, many of us forget this sketch drawn with the ink of Love on the subtle paper that is the Akashic plane (Akasha in sanscrit, Ether or Space). It’s the map that gives meaning to being where we are, it gives us the coordinates to situate us in Time and Space. If we are not in touch with our soul, we feel lost, out of place, in a material world that can often feel hostile.

A reading of the Records is an organized way to communicate with that soul, which constantly gives us signs; the decision to listen to and act coherently with it is within each one of us.
The information it gives us helps us to uderstand with clarity our present in a loving way, allowing us to be more assertive in an Era in which it no longer makes sense to wander aimlessly, away from the Road of Love.

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