Tamara Ciriza

About the reader…

My name is Tamara Ciriza Sejenovich

I (re)encountered the Akashic Records some years ago, not so much for the pleasure of it, but out of sheer need. I was looking for help understanding the involuntary telepathic transmissions that I had with other people, and the messages I constantly wrote without comprehending. I used to be quite skeptical and these episodes disturbed me a great deal. A good friend convinced me to schedule an appointment for an Akashic Record Reading with who was to become my teacher, Angélica Portillo. From the first reading, I felt at home, something changed energetically in me and I could understand not only how to channel my perceptive skills, but also some deeply painful emotional issues which hindered my evolution.

I started my training in the Akashic Records in 2011 and ever since I haven’t stopped being surprised by the beauty of this practice. Gradually, and thanks to the petitions of very dear friends, I’ve started to serve as a reader.
Today, I feel grateful beyond words for having the chance to be at service of this great tool I consider essential for this times we live in. That is why I dedicate my time to organizing workshops to spread the word about the knolewdge and use of the Akasich Records and to building this Community which holds and preserves one of our keys to Autonomy and Co-creation.

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