Getting Ready…

· Prepare your questions. These can be about any aspect you want to clarify in your life: relations, old patterns, missions, to give a few examples. Each person has a unique way of questioning and their Guides have a unique way of answering. I always recomend to make a list of priorities, since we have limited time (1.5-2 hours).
· Read the contract we’ll send you this information is very important for the consultant as it settles an agreement of privacy. The information your Records will provide is a very intimate one and you have to know that, as readers, we are obligued to keep estrict confidenciallity. It is also a confirmation that you understand the procedure.
· Prepare a private space, It’s very important that you feel comfortable in the room and that you clean the energy field before the session. Please provide a candle and a bowl with water.
· Prepare a voice recorder device or a notebook, if you wish to register the session.
· Feel free to ask or communicate anything.

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