¿What happens during a reading?

The procedure is extremely simple:
The consultant must prepare a series of questions which will guide the session: these can range from the most material inquiries to the most spiritual ones.The Records help us deeply understand old patterns, relationships, issues that cause anxiety or fear, or our mission in this life, to exemplify some of the most consulted subjects.

The Akashic Records are a very well protected Library of our most intimate information, which is why you’ll need to give your consent to the reader so that she or he may open your File through the Sacred Prayer. When this happens, the reader will be in touch with the beings who guard, organize and communicate your information, this is your Masters, Guides and Loved Ones, or, to put in other words, the entities that are able to move in higher frequencies and are able to pull the information down a channel from your record to your personality.

It is important that you know this communication takes place in an environment of Love, Compassion and Containment; you’ll feel it immediately after your Records are open. Then, the reader will be able to communicate your questions and these will be answered through him/her, with the help of your ´soul team´ who will make sure to look for the information you’re prepared to receive.

Just like all our questions are unique, our Guides have a very particular way to communicate our information in a clear and understandable manner (through metaphors, images, past life understanding, for example).
The most important thing is that this information is useful for you in your current situation, and this is why you will be in charge of directing the development of your reading, checking the information in your context and acting or not in consequence with it.

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