Accepting Aquarius

July 24, 2016

Studying Acuario…

It shows up, as if by magic of technology, this video: WAIT. The band, by the way, has a very aquarian name: M83 (8+3=11, the number for Aquarius)

As we enter the Aquarian Era, we’re closer each moment to the Central Sun of the Galaxy. This is a natural process that sets a much more subtle vibration on Earth, that makes us less material, less dense in body and soul.

I was reading something that made great sense to me: Presently, humanity bases its culture in Cancer (the 4th hose): the exclusion of the other, of the unknown, to gestate something unique and knew. The same happens with the 9 months we spend in our mother’s womb: for something new to be born, first, it has to be secluded and protected. This new identity which is born from the little village of Cancer is Leo (the 5th house), the individual, the original and brand new Ego.

This is a necessary change inside the natural horoscope. All the signs have it’s light and it’s darkness. Socially speaking, the risk for Cancer is to feel too afraid of the other and close itself to new experiences. The risk for Leo is to get too engaged with personal identity, too focused in its own character or personal importance.

Inside the logic of the Zodiac, this is a natural movement of the energy, but the way we’ve translated and practiced it in our culture, places us in a very difficult situation: How can we integrate what’s happening now with this awakening of the Aquarian Era (that resonates with the number 11) if we’re socially stuck in a repetitive pattern of the frequency of 4 and 5?

Aquarius invites us to get out the shell, to perceive the fountain of the energy that can quench the thirst of humanity. Its message is to be unique (as Leo) but mindful of connection and community.

How are we going to face the changes that our Mother Earth is undertaking if we’re not focused in union and creatitvity?

The question is for the adults, not for the children: they come, as we do, to fully inhabit this moment of Time and Space, but they not necessarily share with us the hardening of their mental planes.

Dane Rudyard would say: Apply Sagitarian Values. Why? : curiously enough Sagittarius represents the 9th house: (4+5). This is the place of Finding Meaning. “In Sagittarius the universal principles and social and religious ideals are understood by a Mind that rises above the purely personal, racial and geographic levels and penetrates the sphere of generalizations and remote connections. (1)

The sensitive ones that are able to feel these changes to come (physical changes of Earth and changes in the Collective Conciousness) also have to deal with the construction of our daily life within a social structure based in a Capricornian-State way of organization that is not necessarily updated to allows us to ACCEPT those changes to come.

How do we deal with all the horror and the violence that comes from non-acceptance and, at the same time, how do we accept that there is nothing to forgive, because no Ego holds that privilege any more?

The Energy manifests itself whether we give our consent or not.

Recently I took the Waldorf (2) teacher training: the emphasis there is to ACCOMPANY the kids in their process of unfolding their essence on Earth. That’s the learning that Aquarius introduces as our new challenge: To ALLOW the essence of our unique form to manifest without conditioning it by our little identity’s interpretation. Understanding and loving ourselves as what we are: Channels of Energy.

May be that’s why the lyrics of the song are short but powerful:

Set your dreams where nobody hides
Give your tears to the tide
No time
No time

There’s no end, there is no goodbye
Disappear with night
No time
No time

1. Dane Rudyard. (1970). ZODÍACO, EL LATIDO DE LA VIDA. Barcelona: URANIA.

2. Waldorf education, also known as Steiner education, is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. Its pedagogy emphasizes the role of imagination in learning, striving to integrate holistically the intellectual, practical, and artistic development of pupils.