Akásha, comes from the word (ākāśa), a sacred, ancient Indian language. It means: ‘Éter’:

An intagible, immaterial, subtle fluid that penetrates all the universe and is the vehicle for sound, light and life. Another meaning is primodial essence, or fountain of all life. Every soul that chooses to walk the path of individualization will have its own archive in this akashic field that will retain all its experiencies, plans and its essencial composition.


There is stored and codified the function (or the propouse/plan) and the experiences of everything that had, has or will have a form. In this plane Time doesn’t work as we know it (in a linear way: past, present and future), but is useful for our human minds to organize the experiencies like that to understand where are we standing today.

The Akashic Records exist for the individual, planetary and universal planes. Each of them with a different vibratory frequency.
Humanity has had access to this sacred system from the beginning of time: In Egypt they knew the records as Thoth Tablets, in the Blible as the “Book of Life”, in the Islam “The Eternal Tablet” an the Maya civilization called them “Psi Bank”. (1)
Very important advances in the human conciuosness were done by people that consciously tapped into the Collective Records to download information: Einstein, Jung, Steiner, Cayce, among others.

In the past, the acces to the Akashic Records was restricted to a few chosen people that generally possessed psyquic habilities or were in high ranks in religious institutions. Today, we’re experiencing important and accelerated changes in our Galaxy and the planetary conciousness allows us all to have access to the Records. Our body awereness and the flexibilization of our mental plane will facilitate us the acces to the Akashic Field. All we need is to reconnect with our everpresent suprasentives habilities, develop through practice and humble and playful investigation our organs of perception of the unseen.
As Linda Howe tells us:

“ The Akashic Records are an enviroment organized expressly to provide the safety needed so we can encounter the Divine Presence in a way that is real, absolutely useful and decidedly effective.”(2)

2. Linda Howe, “Healing through the Akashic Records”

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